Our team takes pride in creating exceptional visual content that captivates, engages, and leaves a lasting impact. As a leading creative production agency, we specialize in delivering high-quality videos, photos and strategic digital solutions to elevate your brand’s presence in the digital landscape.

our Team

Kenneth Garcia

With over a decade in film, Kenneth Garcia is the creative force driving Maltav Media’s cinematic vision. His passion for storytelling and commitment to visual excellence shapes every project we undertake. His expertise paves the way for every client’s innovative journey.


Joe Busone

In the realm of luxury event management and sales, Joe’s extensive ten-plus years of experience make him an indispensable contributor to Maltav Media’s triumphs. His adept management of sales and business development enriches our company’s vision and trajectory.


Cheryl Garcia

With a wealth of experience in financial management and a sharp strategic mind, Cheryl plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fiscal strength of our operations. Her meticulous approach ensures the financial health of our company, allowing us to thrive and grow. Beyond numbers, Cheryl brings a passion for precision and a keen eye for financial strategy, contributing significantly to the success and sustainability of Maltav Media


Addy DeMarsh

As the Director of Operations, Addy plays a pivotal role at Maltav Media, skillfully steering business development and daily operations with her wealth of experience. Her influence is indispensable in solidifying Maltav’s standing as a leading authority in gold standard video production and content creation for luxury industries.

Director of Operations

Our process



This is where we dive into the heart of your project, collaborating closely with you to define objectives, understand your target audience, and chart a strategic course. Ensuring every step aligns with your vision and goals.



Think of this as the meticulous planning stage, where we lay the groundwork for your project's success. From scripting and storyboarding to scouting locations and selecting talent, insuring a seamless production.



Our skilled team transforms plans into reality, capturing captivating visuals and sounds that breathe life into your vision. It’s a collaboration where we make sure every moment feels genuine and memorable.



After the cameras stop rolling, we move to the final touches, We edit, enhance, and refine until your project shines brilliantly, ready to be shared with the world.

Innovating with our clients to produce premiere content that is on par with the level of excellence that their company embodies.



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