JLo / TELYKast

The collaboration on JLo and TELYKast’s “On My Way” music video was a standout success, fusing the iconic 80s style of “Weird Science” with a modern twist. The challenge of merging nostalgia with a contemporary feel was met through careful planning and creative direction. The outstanding results captured the song’s energy and 80s visual appeal. Jennifer Lopez and TELYKast were highly satisfied, achieving their vision for a fresh take on the 80s. This project not only delighted clients but also enriched the artistic portfolios of all involved.


Despite a tight one-month turnaround, JLo, TELYKast, and the client stressed the need for swift and quality execution. The team worked extended hours, with editing sessions exceeding 15 hours a day. The collaboration between the client’s vision and Maltav Media’s dedicated efforts resulted in a final product that not only met the challenging deadline but exceeded expectations in creativity and visual impact. The project’s success stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of all involved.


Los Angeles, CA


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JLo / TELYKast

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