Loren Gray

Crafting Loren Gray and TELYKast’s “Nobody To Love” music video was a triumph, drawing inspiration from The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” in its lyric editing techniques. The distinct approach resonated strongly with the audience, earning high praise from both Loren Gray and TELYKast. The project’s success stems from adeptly merging influences, surmounting challenges, and delivering a music video that surpassed expectations.


Originally hired for photography services, the Loren Gray and TELYKast music video project took an unexpected turn. Upon sensing the lively studio atmosphere, the Maltav team spontaneously transformed it into a surprise music video for Loren Gray. This impromptu shift aligned with the energetic vibe, creating a distinctive visual experience. Surprising the client injected excitement, contributing to the project’s success.


Los Angeles, CA


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